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concealer Before or after foundation

Getting Lippy

I always put concealer on before foundation but having watched a few videos I am now wondering are your meant to do it after? Or is there no right or wrong way of doing it? Also what is the best concealer to use?


Re: concealer Before or after foundation

Going Pro

I always put my concealer on after my foundation. I use the Benefit Boing industrial strength concealer on spots, I find it covers them really well. I also use Collection lasting perfection concealer or Rimmel match perfection concealer under my eyes, though would really like to try a new under eye concealer if anyone has any suggestions? x

Re: concealer Before or after foundation

Living the Highlight

I always put my concealer on after foundation, but there really is no right or wrong way. Years ago I used to apply my concealer first and then foundation after, you could give it a try and see which way works best for you x

Re: concealer Before or after foundation

Total Glossip

@Rachel91 I don’t think there is necessarily a right or wrong order, I tend to use a cc cream as I base and this usually highlights to me any blemishes that might need a bit more attention before my foundation Smiley Happy 


Re: concealer Before or after foundation

Nailing It

I always do it after as I think it means I apply less. I put my foundation on and see what that covers, and then just touch up the areas that need it with concealer

Re: concealer Before or after foundation

Winging It


When I did my NVQ in beauty therapy (back in 2008!!) we were always taught to put concealer on before foundation,  basically to cover any blemishes/red areas etc, however with the beauty world becoming more and more popular concealer has started to be used to highlight areas. 

I think as more products have come out to directly tackle certain problems (for example a green colour corrector for red areas instead of a concealer) it eliminated the need to use other products. 


I personally see how I’m feeling on the day! Sometimes my skin isn’t too bad, or I don’t feel like putting on a full face of makeup so I use concealer to cover where my skin is uneven, or blemishes etc then a bit of powder on top to set and that’s all I’ll do. 

If I am going for a full face I would use a concealer to highlight as apposed to conceal. (If I am doing this I use a lighter coloured concealer than my natural skin colour).


I think one of the big things with make up is just finding out what works best for you and what you prefer! 😊

Re: concealer Before or after foundation

First Base


As everyone has already said there is def no right or wrong way. I put it on after my foundation under my eyes in a lighter shade to hide the dark circles but for blemishes I put it on before in a matching shade to my foundation just to give that extra coverage.

Jen x