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Urban decay

Tried the new urban decay foundation wasnt to keen felt it oxidized on my face View more

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Community members...

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Which set do you like? I’m going to purchase one but I’d love to hear which one you like before buying 😍 also the price 😱 £18 odd the lip balms alone are £23 View more

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Charlotte Tilbury......Make Up Magic...💖💗💝

Screenshot_20191017-142156_Chrome.jpg 20191017_142140.jpg Screenshot_20191017-142044_Email.jpg

Hey Beautiful People..... GLITTERING GALAXY OF MAKEUP MAGIC Beauty Calender.....💄👄🔥.... 12 full size and travel size makeup and skincare icons, with two dazzling looks built into one show-stopping ... View more

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Made Up Leeds festival

Screenshot_20191008-201356_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20191008-201407_Samsung Internet.jpg

Not sure if anyone knows but Leeds is going to have a make up festival called Made Up Leeds later this month on 26th & 27th October!! I accidentally went to it last year and it was pretty good! Picked... View more

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Hey guys just want your thoughts on the too faced holiday collection, I really want to get the extra spice palette but not sure as I have the first one nd I think they both are similar. Hmmm. 🙃 View more

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New look over 750 likes

9E369BBC-2F97-43AD-BA2A-879FF7FCB5F5.jpeg 561AD78D-0CA9-4CA4-BD72-8EF4CA72C8E3.jpeg

So i got the huda liner and wanted to create a look, went very simple with her lifeliner and her melted shadow glitter around the liner. super overwhelmed with the likes on this post after my green ey... View more

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