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Halloween looks? 👻🎃

Screenshot_20191008-081015_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20191008-080936_Instagram.jpg

Who's looking for Halloween?!?I've done sort of spooky makeup the last two years... Although I've never actually gone out in it because I like blankets on the sofa most but it's just fun to do!!Is or ... View more

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quick and easy look for day to day :)

E459AF3A-49CA-4A6E-9ABB-4E9A4BB47B41.jpeg F011FD2D-9428-4C86-B8D5-1292005E2997.jpeg CDCE535C-98EA-4922-AED5-311CD7ABC6D9.jpeg 275A8834-70F6-468E-AA21-CB7B25AAD4A6.jpeg

I got a chance to attend this short master class for a daily and very basic look using minimal products by BAREMINERALS in JohnLewis vip event on Thursday and I’m glad I attended it ! this was her tab... View more

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Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara 🗡🚿🤓


Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, 090 Black Price : £28.00 per 10ml - another expensive mascara but its a good one Recommendation : Likely RecommendOverall Rating : 3.9/5 Wear Review : — This mas... View more

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I could not resist the temptation!


@Boss786 i was on banfrom spending but I could Not resist the temptation and finally ordered myself a pre icon gift !! Hopefully I will be icon by the time it arrives?any idea how long it will take ? ... View more

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It was hard but I did it ;)

3A118327-C787-4E1B-AD90-814D41E16278.jpeg EF4A12EC-4434-4A64-8E1F-511993B0F141.jpeg FA34B7C6-8C14-490F-84C2-53653346B3AD.jpeg 71F40D37-E9BA-46F3-BD5B-3A0E3EE25D4A.jpeg

My first time applying eye lashes for myself!i have worn them before but someone else Did that for me 😜 so it wasn’t that hard but a bit difficult for me @JennnCore @TH130199 @Michele82 @Beauty1 @Ema... View more

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After spending ages trying to sort out my notification issue, and painstakingly marking each one as not junk, the LIKE notifications are also now going to junk file too 😩 how can I fix this ? View more

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Clarins Christmas Calender!!


Clarins has launched it's 12 day Christmas Calender and is full of special goodies !!!! I just love the packaging. View more

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Urban Decay naked honey palette play

IMG_20191006_165246_655.jpg 20191006_164736.jpg

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house 🤷‍♀️ but I decided I wanted a proper play with new favourite palette and try a couple of the Nars lipstick samples. View more

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