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Use by Dates

Getting Lippy

Ok I thought it might be interesting to see how many of us go by the "Use by Dates" on make-up products...... do you follow the recommendations for each product or do you use your own judgement???  


Re: Use by Dates

Beauty Icon

@Leanne "Use by Dates" are highly important to me as I have extremely sensitive skin and have to be careful with certain brands however I tend to have a clear out every 3 months

Re: Use by Dates


I don’t wear makeup every day, in fact I hardly ever wear makeup, so if I were to go by the use by date I’d be throwing out hundreds of pounds worth of barely used makeup every 6 months. I do replace eyeliners and mascaras regularly, but eyeshadow palettes are stored in a place with minimal humidity, they’re sterilised every month, and used until I think they’re no good anymore.

Re: Use by Dates

Perfectly Primed

For mascaras yes as I've had a reaction in the past but everything else I just go by if any change to colour and how it wears.

Re: Use by Dates


I just use my nose... if it smells bad I chuck it.  x

Re: Use by Dates

Total Glossip

generally if it doesnt look right, or smells I throw it out.

Re: Use by Dates


I take absolutely no notice of use by dates. If something smells ok, looks ok, hasn't seperated or gone funny and applies the same way it always has then I use it.

I'm only putting products on my own face though and am not in any way sensitive. If I had issues with sensitivity, ever had any kind of infection or was using my make up on others it would be a different story.

Re: Use by Dates

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If it doesn't smell, hasn't separated and still looks ok, then I'll use it.  I'm more careful about what I put on my face, as it can be sensitive sometimes, but in general I just ignore the use by dates...but not for too long though, a few months is fine, but a year or more then I'd be a bit dubious. 


I recently found some old lipsticks, and I was like great, I love those colours, but when I tried them on, they smelt horribly waxy, and I chucked them. 

Re: Use by Dates

Beauty Crush

I check the use by dates for all my skincare and liquid make up. The eyeshadows and powder make up have longer lifespan than a yeah so I tend to leave the eyeshadows untill i think they starting to change colour or the consistency. 

Re: Use by Dates

Winging It

Eye pencils and mascara yes! But illI admit to having Chanel lipstick that belonged to my grandmother for 25 years (it's more  sentimental reasons honestly) but it still looks and smells fine.

As for anything else if it looks off it's gone.