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Urban Decay Naked Reloaded!

Getting Lippy


  1. What do you love about the palette and why? I am absolutely obsessed with the new Naked Reloaded palette by Urban Decay! The pigmentation is insane and I absolutely adore all of the colours. 
  2. What are your favourite shades in the palette? My favourite shades have got to be  Bribe then layered with Angel Fire, Reputation and Boundaries for under the eyes! 
  3. What’s your top tip for creating a look with the palette? Definitely do not be afraid to mix the colours. I always find the perfect shade once I have played around with blends and mixing them together always creates the perfect unique shade. 
  4. Would you recommend this palette to a friend, and why?  YES 100%! The pigmentation is amazing so totally worth the money, and they last such a long time! I find the palette has a wide variety of shades for different colour lovers, literally catering for everyone!

I find Urban Decay products unbelievably long lasting and the quality is incomparable, the shades are all stunning and not too extravagant to suit everybody's needs.