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Has anyone tried this glamglow mask? Is it okay for sensitive skin? 🧖🏼‍♀️


Re: Skincare

Getting Lippy

I've tried this and my skin is super sensitive! 


The packaging does say not suitable for sensitive skin but I found it good for calming down breakouts and reducing clogged pores on the nose and chin. I wouldn't use all over if you're sensitive like me though!


A good one for multi-masking with some of their other products Smiley Happy


Multimasking Mask Treatment Set - GLAMGLOW

Re: Skincare

Total Glossip

Yes I love it! My skin is sometimes a bit sensitive but I haven't had any problems with it. It's great to use on the odd blemish too, just apply to them individually overnight and they're loads better in the morning. 

Re: Skincare

Total Glossip

I’ve been using the treatment set over the past few months and I love all of the products! Wouldn’t recommend that you use them first thing in the morning if you have sensitive skin as your skin will be even more sensitive in the AM.  xx

Re: Skincare

Beauty Icon

I have sensitive skin and I haven't had a problem using them. M&S sell mini pots of the face masks if you want to test first. Otherwise Aldi do a dupe of a glam glow mask for £6 and it's very good too. 

Re: Skincare

Nailing It

I have dry/sensitive skin and I get on really well with it. Really nice, and you can definitely see an immediate difference in your skin

P.S. I found that the "bits" in the Glam Glow mask are less abrasive then the "bits" in The Body Shop mask (however still a good alternative if on a budget).