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Puffy Eyes?

Fresh Face

Hey Lovies,


I just wanted to share a quick tip to minimise them puffy eyes and all you really need are 2 things.


1.  Spoons the stainless steel kind works best you’ll need 1 for each eye.

2. A fridge freezer or a glass/cup of eyes.


First put the spoons in the fridge for a good few hours, the longer the better, but if you just want a quickie, place the spoons in a cup/glass filled with ice.


Once the spoons are really cold, gentle place them over your eyes like goggles and leave it on until the spoon looses its coldness.


Remove the spoons and massage the skin around the eyes in a tapping moment and BAM! Your done!


Just follow these simple steps 2-3 times a week and it’s bye bye puffy eyes.


Re: Puffy Eyes?

Getting Lippy

Thank you!

I use to be a bit too much emotional and in the morning my colleagues ask me if I am feeling well Woman Tongue

I will do this for sure! Thanks! Heart

Re: Puffy Eyes?

Beauty Icon

@thefashionhackr Thankyou for this!

Re: Puffy Eyes?

Living the Highlight

Thank you for sharing!


Re: Puffy Eyes?

Nailing It

thanks for sharing. I will do it!