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Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

All Eyes on Me

Hi everyone, 

Every time I go on Instagram, all I see is pictorials... and I love them! I just think they’re so satisfying and great for inspiration. 


So this afternoon I decided to attempt my own. I’ve never done this before and the look I’ve tried I’ve never practiced before Smiley LOL

Anyway here goes Smiley Very Happy


Ill give you a peek at the final look Smiley Very Happy





Firstly prime those lids! I love Gen Nude#174 Eye Shadow Plus Primer 3.6Ml - Woke - bareMinerals  my eyeshadow stays on all day/night! 


Next I’m using Naked Petite Heat Eye Shadow Palette - . - Urban Decay  because it’s beautiful Heart plus I haven’t had it long so it’s an excuse to play Smiley Very HappyC0F6DA6C-4E4C-46F5-BB6C-62AA38D1DF01.jpeg


In the palette i've gone for a nice burnt red colour called 'He Devil'. Use a nice fluffy to pack this onto the lid



packontold.jpgPack 'he devil' all over your lid

Next use a light brown. I've used 'sauced' and blended this with 'He Devil' into the crease. Use a nice fluffy brush. 



If you feel like you want to neaten up your look, take a soft cotton pad with some Smart Cleanse Micellar Water 200Ml - ELEMIS and wipe in an upwards direction. 





After. As you can see much tidier Smiley Very Happy


Take 'He Devil' in the lower lash line and highlight the inner corner of your eye. Personally I love this palette from Primark. I decided to go for a nice gold tone. 



Feel free to add eyeliner (although not necessary!). I decided to go for this metallic rose gold liner I purchased in the New Look sale



Then use your fave mascara. I've used Givency Volume Disturbia. It's amazing! It's makes your lashes long, volumised and dark.

masc.jpgAlso just thought, I'm holding this like i'm about to inject someone. My inner nurse creeping out

And there we go! Hope you enjoyed, I actually quite liked doing it and might do another in the future Heart





Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

Beauty Icon

@Laurie_23  Beautifully done and thankyou for the step by step guide aswell. 

Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

Living the Highlight

@Laurie_23 love that eyeliner x

Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

Beauty Icon

@Laurie_23  oh i like step by step thku

I got that bareminrals brand new ok its a eye primer☺ betr dig it out an use it😆 thku

Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

Beauty Crush

Looks super nice @Laurie_23 😍 I actually like the pictorial idea😏 

Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

Beauty Icon

@Laurie_23  looks fantastically natural gaal flawless as'ever!👑 🖤

Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

Nailing It

It looks really natural thanks @Laurie_23 for your step by step tutorial i love this Naked Petite Heat Eye Shadow Palette - . - Urban Decay 

Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

Living the Highlight

@Laurie_23  love this! thanks or sharing, looks beautiful!x  come do my makeup please!Smiley LOLHeart

Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

All Eyes on Me

Thank you very much @Ashli 💕

Re: Pictorial (first attempt) ❣️

All Eyes on Me

Thank you @bonnieburton 😁 it was £1 from new look and has such a fine brush it’s lovely to use for precision 😍