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Re: No too faced products in Debenhams


It looks so good on you @Priya_13 , I’m glad you like it, it’s my favourite higher-coverage foundation.

Re: No too faced products in Debenhams

Getting Lippy

After failing for months to get a sample of this foundation in my local Debenhams, (the girls on that stand really let the brand down, I know they cant help if they are not sent samples but jeez you could be nice about it, worst customer service ever. Finally i got a sample from a very happy and delightful lady at Too Faced in London. I have used it twice and LOVE it, went into Debenhams this evening to buy it and yet again, grumpy and unhelpful staff just shrug and say the shade i want is sold out. Its like i love the products but resent handing my money over when the service is always so meh ! compared to the other stands where the girls are always so helpful and lovely. 

Re: No too faced products in Debenhams

Going Pro

Sadly they don't have a too faced counter in my local Debs @Priya_13. They've only got a Laura Geller counter which is always unattended unfortunately. Hope you're able to find the foundation out though! Smiley Happy xx