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Highlighter drops

Getting Lippy

Hi i have recently brought the highlighter drops from bare minerals and was wondering the best way to apply.


Re: Highlighter drops

Getting Lippy

You can add them into your foundation or moisturiser, dab on top of your foundation on the high points of cheeks then go over with a powder highlighter for extra out of this world glow 


Re: Highlighter drops

Nailing It

Hi @toyahsx

@tap on with your finger and blend out quickly with a beauty sponge. Do one side / part of your face at a time so it doesn't dry out before you blend 

Re: Highlighter drops

Getting Lippy

I love to mix my highlighter drops into my foundation, I find it gives me just the right amount of subtle glow. I do use quite thick foundations, though, so if you prefer light coverage/bb creams etc, this might be a little much. You can also apply to your cheekbones and dab it on with your ring finger (some people use brushes but I find this makes it look a little less natural. Do this in an upward motion finishing about one cm diagonally up from your outer eye.