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Fresh Face

So I'm a new mummy and like all new mums I've lost my way a bit and lost myself I've been getting back to my normal self recently makeing sure I've done my make up every day and hair but I'm having trouble with my foundation since I've had my son my skin seems to have changed and I cant find any foundation that doesn't separate or go cakey on my skin !!! Please help with suggestions 


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@Nianap94I have a few foundation favourites.

My go too is Even Better Glow Spf 15 Light Reflecting Liquid Foundation 30Ml - 28 Ivory - Clinique. It glides on and blends easily.

Also IT CC cream is good, like a tinted moisturiser but with slightly more coverage.


I also use #mac studio fix foundation. You should go to your nearest store and ask for a few samples to try.


Also do you use a primer? It may be that you need one or a different one, some primers don't work well with foundation depending if they are water/oil based.

Re: Foundation

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Do you have a good skincare routine and use a good moisturiser? Sometimes I think when your skin is in good condition your beauty products do work a lot better. Also as @Neko37 says using the right primer is a must. If you are able to go to a few beauty counters and explain your concerns the sa.les assistants will be only too happy to give you some skincare/foundation samples to try xx

Re: Foundation

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I can give you suggestions @Nianap94 , but I don't know if it will suit you, you can try Bare Minerals Original SPF foundation, Laura Geller Balance n Brighten, the new KVD Portrait is also very good. But I think the best thing for to do is to go a few counters, explain your concerns and the SA will be able colour match to the correct shade and foundation. Try a few out and see which one works for you the best. 

Re: Foundation

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@Nianap94  there are still a lot of hormonal changes taking place after pregnancy. I know my skin was all over the place and having a skin care routine was way down the list of priorities. Managing to have a shower before lunch time was a win some days. I stuck to a bb and cc cream the first 2 months but I made sure I cleansed and moisturised twice a day regardless of how tired I was feeling. Kiehls do a good cc cream and it has a built in 50 spf. Otherwise it might be worth getting a few sample pots of some foundations and testing them. I'm loving the new Urban Decay stay naked foundation at the moment. Good luck. 

Re: Foundation


Congrats on your newborn! I think nailing a good skincare routine is definitely important as your skin is changing a lot with hormonal imbalance. My fave foundation at the moment is Armani Luminous silk as it’s very natural and gives a glowy finish. Try a sample first and see if it works for you too x @Nianap94