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Going Pro

Do u guys usually mix foundation with the moisturizer or apply it after moisturizer?
Which one is better !!!


Re: Foundation!!!!!!

Winging It

I put moisturiser on my face first, then The Porefessional Travel Size Pro Balm Primer 7.5Ml - Benefit then foundation! Hope that helps x


Re: Foundation!!!!!!

Living the Highlight

My mum always mixes it with a moisturiser and then apply it @shubhi 

@and it works for her

but I didn’t like that idea much so I apply moisturiser first and primer sometimes I skip primer and apply liquid foundation using my fingers until recently I got blender and brushes but I still like using the fingers to apply it Smiley Happy



Re: Foundation!!!!!!

Beauty Icon

You can do both, depends what coverage you want.  9/10 I apply moisturiser then foundation.  Unless I'm wanting a more sheer coverage and then I'll mix them.  😊  @shubhi 

Re: Foundation!!!!!!

All Eyes on Me

I have tried both but find that the best way is moisturiser then foundation.

Re: Foundation!!!!!!

In the Spotlight

@shubhi  In the past I used to mix both but after asking many SA I apply moisturiser first then primer then foundation now and it looks much better this way 😍❤️

Re: Foundation!!!!!!

Blending In

I put foundation on after moisturiser

Re: Foundation!!!!!!

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I apply moisturizer, then primer, then my foundation😊

Re: Foundation!!!!!!

Total Glossip

I normally apply serum then moisturiser followed by primer and then go in with foundation. During the summer I've used a tinted moisturiser that has this glowy finish mixed with a matte full coverage foundation just to keep things a bit lighter and it worked well for me, looked dewy, hidden most of my imperfections and skin felt nicer than a full on foundation finish.  

Re: Foundation!!!!!!

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@shubhi  I have never tried mixing it with foundation. 😉