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Fake tan

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi guys! I’ve just tried the Guerlain Terracotta tanning mist, has anyone tried it before? I’ll post a pic tomorrow of before and after and with my opinion on it ☺️ 


Re: Fake tan

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi guys! So I tried out both the Coconut Coffee Scrub 220G - Bean Body and the GUERLAIN 'Terracotta Sunless' bronzing mist and they are both really lovely products.


The Bean Body scrub is amazing! It smells so good and my skin was so soft after I used it, it works like a treatment for your skin as you scrub it in, leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it off and your skin feels super smooth and hydrated.


The Guerlain tanning mist was really easy to use, the mist is very fine so it drys really quickly and the smell was different to any other tan i've used before, it doesn't have that classic fake tan smell, it smells exactly like the Terracotta Kohl Loose Powder - noir - GUERLAIN which I love for summer! The colour is very natural but its definitely buildable as I only applied one application it wasn't as dark as i'd like but i'm going to reapply tonight to deepen it. Another plus for me was it didn't transfer onto my sheets and theres no streaks! 


Overall I think I was more impressed by the Bean Body Scrub but I'm excited to build up the tan to see if it will get to the shade of tan I like to be.