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Eyes for a man

Getting Lippy

Hello all

I am a mature trying and failing with eye shadow. Any suggestions or tips would be gratefully recieved.


colour suggestions, application tips and what you think would suit a man.




Re: Eyes for a man

Perfectly Primed

Hey. Watching YouTube make up videos really helped me with eye shadow looks, there are a few male youtubers who do make up. Or go into a local store if you have seen an eye shadow pallet you like, a staff member can help talk you through different looks that would suit your eye colour. 


Re: Eyes for a man

Nailing It

Anyone can wear any colour as long as you get the undertone right. So if you are warm undertone choose colours with warm undertones and if cool choose cool undertones. For example, warm browns would be copper, brick, gold tone whereas cool browns would be more beige, cafe au lait, mink tones. If your not sure if you are warm or cool check out the you tube videos.