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Everyday makeup

Fresh Face

Hi my name is Raheem Hussainunnamed.jpg



I'm an 17 year old boy with combo skin with an oily T-zone with very mild acne and sensitive dry skin. (click/press on photo to see full size)


I study level 2 media BTEC and got into make up couple of years ago in year 10 at secondary school when I was 15.


I want to buy primers (heard Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer is good for dry skin) , concealers and foundations I had an concealer in mind the Urban decay naked skin concealer heard great things about it but people are telling me to try cheep end products cause the Urban decay is too high coverage FYI I need something that covers well.


I also want to get a beauty blender but leaning towards the real techniques beauty blender cause it has an flat edge but idk if its good to new incomers also should I get brushes If so which brushes and brands?


I also want products that are cruelty free and vegan if its possible.


Also any tips and tricks you want to suggest i be great full to hear it Smiley Very Happy.


I just want to were foundation and concealer for going out and college


Many Thanks






Re: Everyday makeup


Hi Raheem!

My first blending sponge was the Real Techniques one and I really liked it, I think that would be a good choice if you’re only just starting to use beautyblenders.


If you’re just going to use concealer/foundation, I don’t think you need brushes, a makeup sponge will do. But if you want to move on to eyemakeup, contouring or blush, some brushes will definitely help. Morphe do some decent brushes for a good price, as do BH cosmetics. Both brands are cruelty free.


One thing I will recommend is maybe looking into contouring? It can be a bit tricky in the beginning but there are tons of videos on youtube and guides online to help you. The reason I recommend it is because just wearing foundation and concealer can leave one’s face looking a bit “flat”. Some light contouring will help add some dimention to your face, and funnily enough it will make you look more natural than going without, because nobody’s face is naturally the same shade all over. If contouring is too daunting for you, a blush in the right colour will have the same effect. I don’t mean a pink blush, but maybe look for a somewhat brown-ish shade with a little bit of red to it. Good luck!

Re: Everyday makeup

Getting Lippy

Try the Smashbox Primerizer, it's fab for dry skin. I'm also a fan of NYX born to glow primer if you are looking for something on the lower price range but still cruelty free (I prefer to look dewy/glowy). Concealer wise I can't rate Revolution conceal & define highly enough, also Colourpop no filter concealer is another favourite but you need to order that from the US. For foundation try The Ordinary, I prefer the coverage foundation over the serum foundation but both are good. 


I swear by the real techniques sponge, I don't use the flat edge though. Brushes wise I use Morphe, Real Techniques and Royal & Langnickel.