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Dior addict lip maximizer


I have spent the day sorting out all my samples and half way through I found this hiding in a small selfridges dust bag (it’s so small I didn’t even know I had it with my order !)

Has anyone used it before ? I have tried it today and was pleasantly surprised by the plumpness of my otherwise thin lips. 

It has a nice tingly (not as extreme as lip injection which makes me look like I have a rash ) and it has a nice minty taste 

I feel like it’s a small present for for really hard task of sorting through all the samplesSmiley Happy 5D81BB26-33BC-4330-BDAD-385BF4D2D132.jpeg



Re: Dior addict lip maximizer

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@Kimbellini  oh yes this is fab i love it its so cute 

It came in one if the beauty club samples from dior😍😍

Re: Dior addict lip maximizer

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@Kimbellini  I got a few of these as a GWP. My daughter took them all from me 😩 but I tried one. It feels really nice and I really liked the mint taste.

Well dome for sorting out your samples. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I did this the other day. It was tiring 😜

Re: Dior addict lip maximizer

Going Pro

@Kimbellini by far my favourite sample to date!!! The lipgloss is sooo damn cute I don't want to start using it 😭😭😭😭

Re: Dior addict lip maximizer


@Kimbellini i didn't tried it, but sounds great! Want to tried it, if lips looks fuller with it!


Re: Dior addict lip maximizer

Living the Highlight

@Kimbellini love this! If I didn't have all lost 100 hippies I'd get this and it would probably be my fav Smiley Tongue

Re: Dior addict lip maximizer

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Yes I got this as a sample. I liked it but didn't think it made my lips look any bigger tbh

Re: Dior addict lip maximizer

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@Kimbellini yes! I have this too and it's lovely! ❤️