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Basic Makeup Kit

Getting Lippy


what should I get as a basic makeup kit.  This is my first real attempt at putting some stuff together. I don't want to spend too much, but I do want to get a decent amount. Should I be concerned with foundation or just concentrate on lips and eyes.


Re: Basic Makeup Kit

Glitterati has some good boxes going at the moment which could help you get the ball rolling! Alternatively you can pick a selection of what they have Smiley Happy


My favourite are actually the Tili boxes, but not are too make up based at the moment. They are with a look anyways!



Re: Basic Makeup Kit

Going Pro

@Lauren67 A basi makeup kit is must and I personally love keeping few of my constant favorites :-


>Benefit pore professional primer

> Becca Primer for more finish look

> Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue Foundation Stick

>Urban Decay Setting Spray.

>Lip and Eye Product varies


Also I keep facial wash in a travel size jar and some empty pots for travel purpose


Re: Basic Makeup Kit

Beauty Icon

Check this box!

it is amazing value for money 


you get a moisturiser, primer , a mask , and lipstick too!

check details for more information @Lauren67 


@you can add a mini eyeshadow palette or some gloss if you like to and a blush or bronzer depending on what you need for makeup 


this box is great 

Re: Basic Makeup Kit

Beauty Icon

Hi @Lauren67 , I have a few bits and bobs to help you get started if you don't mind? Smiley Happy

Re: Basic Makeup Kit

Perfectly Primed

@Lauren67  If you just want to start you can choose your beauty kit from feel unique::


BEAUTY KIT contains 

Five deluxe samples for £12.00, plus a £3.95 shipping and handling fee that you'll get back as a Gift Voucher to redeem against your next shop*. Includes a FREE beauty pouch.



Re: Basic Makeup Kit

Getting Lippy

I don't mind that would be brilliant! 


Re: Basic Makeup Kit

Getting Lippy

That looks good value. I shall have to try it.