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Fresh Face

I have acne and I have been treating it with different types of acne creams and none of them have helped. Do you guys know any serums or creams that can make my acne go away and leave me with a clear skin complexion?


Re: Acne

Fresh Face

Try sebamed cleansing foam from amazon. You leave the foam on your face for 5 minutes and then you wash it off. I see a change in the size of my spots overnight using this. Skinkissed facial serum from amazon is amazing for acne and acne scarring. 

Re: Acne

Fresh Face

Tropic skincare is really good and it's natural products so no harsh chemicals going on your skin 

Re: Acne

Total Glossip

Do you know what could be causing it? Stress, hormones etc?


i suffered from hormonal breakouts for years la Roche posay is really working for me x

Re: Acne

Living the Highlight

Using lots of products after one another (especially with harsh chemicals) can actually cause your skin to react badly. I’d suggest using tea-tree oil you can purchase from Superdrug. Apply onto a cotton pad and press over the areas you want to treat. Really hope this helps you as it really helped clear my skin up, If it doesn’t I would try visiting your GP. 

Also make sure your makeup brushes are washed regularly x 

Re: Acne

Just Arrived

I used to suffer from acne around my jaw line and started using Estée Lauder clear difference serum which worked wonders. Had no spots at all for over 6 months until developed one the other day but the serum helps it to heal quicker 

Re: Acne

Nailing It

Try alpha h liquid gold, this has been my skin saviour for the past 3 years.

Re: Acne

Winging It

The only thing that is actually proven to treat acne is medical grade skincare from your doctor or dermatologist. These are the only products that have actually undertaken clinical trials to prove they work, unlike high street treatments. 


I found They are an online dermatologist service in that offer really affordable dermatologist support and medical grade treatments. I have been using them for 6 weeks and my skin has dramatically changed. I cant recommend them enough