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Re: Winter hair colour - inspiration needed


@Pineapple   I thought about complaining but I will have to face him next time I go. I might call about the cut because it was poor, my mother in law used to be dog groomer and she could have done a better job. 


It was too much hassle to change my leave and I wanted my hair done before Christmas, in hindsight I should I have waited. 


Your hair is a lovely colour. 

Re: Winter hair colour - inspiration needed

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@Priya_13 You should have asked her! I've had my sister cut my hair once, and myself - that was a strange experiment lol Smiley LOL.


Thank you <3. The cool thing if you do something similar to your hair, you can pick other temporary colouring things and have a big change for a couple of washes. I loved having it purple!