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Hair Update πŸ–€

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Hiya lovelies!


What a hair ordeal I've had in the last 24 hours.

So! In a quick recap, a couple of days ago I dyed my roots and in a moment of inspiration, or possibly idiocy I decided instead of ginger I wanted to go full blonde.


So I went to tesco, bought more beach powder/ liquid and slapped it all one. The result was terrible. My roots had literally gone white and the ends went from ginger to orange. I then decided to put a blonde box dye on, because that would fix the problem, surely? The answer to that as I'm sure you would already know was definitely not. πŸ˜‚

The roots stayed the same and the ends this time went yellow πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


Panicking at midnight last night, I used one of my husbands silver toners. In honesty, it probably wasnt the best idea but as the only option, I did it πŸ˜‚ it came out better than expected and did take out the yellow. However the ends at this point were more apricot in colour and although the roots were toned down. It was definitely still not quite right.


So my mission today was to get a pastel dye to hopefully hide all sins.

In the end I bought something I have never heard of before, Anovia Head Candy Rebel in Perfect Peach. For Β£1.89 when the same product by brand Bleach was around Β£6 I figured I would give it a go.quicksquarenew_201992116473676.jpg


I dont really know what I was expecting but I am SO SO SO happy with the result!


 And with that, Jen's hair lived happily ever after.


...For 2-10 washes.


Re: Hair Update πŸ–€

High Brow

It looks so good! You did a great job @JennnCore 

Re: Hair Update πŸ–€

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@TH130199 Thank you lovely! I think if it had gone wrong again I would have cried πŸ˜‚


Re: Hair Update πŸ–€

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@JennnCore  yeeeh thkfuly u saved it😍😍


Looks niceeee😍

Re: Hair Update πŸ–€

Going Pro

Your hair looks great @JennnCore well done for persevering! I did actually cry the one time I tried going from brunette to blonde at home, after yellow and orange disasters I gave up and bought a dark brown after going to the shop with my hood up! πŸ˜‚

Re: Hair Update πŸ–€

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@JennnCore oh Wowww Jenn Love it ,looks so good and suits you 😍❀

Re: Hair Update πŸ–€

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Looks great @JennnCore, well done for managing to achieve a brilliant result. 

Re: Hair Update πŸ–€

All Eyes on Me

This really suits you @JennnCore !! I would've given up and gone straight to salon to get things sorted from everything you've said that went wrong!!

Re: Hair Update πŸ–€

Living the Highlight

It looks really nice @JennnCore - hows your hair feeling?


The last time I went blonde from cherry black my hairdresser refused point blank to do it so thinking I knew better got all the kit to do it at home - long story short after a stripper, 3 pre lighteners and 3 blonde box dyes I had candyflossed hair - went to a different hairdresser who put brown low lights through it and cut well over 10 inches off the ends. Lesson learned! Xx

Re: Hair Update πŸ–€


@JennnCore  i love it!!!!😍 colour is amazing it really suit you! You looks gorgeous.