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Re: Colour protect hair product's

Getting Lippy

Have you tried any products from JOICO? I dye my hair in crazy colours so I am always looking for products to prolong colour. I use the butter color as it deposits colour in 5 minutes, used as a conditioner-depends what colour your hair is, I also use their shampoo for colour protection, you can look at their range as they have different shampoos, but for colour hair always use sulphate free shampoo

Re: Colour protect hair product's

In the Spotlight

@Deeams  thank you never thought of the sulphate content impacting on hair colour. K have used joico many moons ago. It's quite reasonable to buy in Canada and I picked up a few products on holiday. It's been that long I can't even remember if I liked it. I probably didn't buy it again because of the cost in this country. Thanks again I'll do a bit of searching on the internet.