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Best body creams/body butters

Nailing It

My current favourites are the Mon Guerlain body cream and the Laura Mercier Vanilla body cream. Both are going to finish pretty soon so Im looking to try something new. Does anyone have any favourites? 




Re: Best body creams/body butters

Nailing It

I love using Aveeno moisturisers. I've also had a small sample of Creme De Corps Soy Milk And Honey Whipped Body Butter - Kiehls - it made my skin feel lovely and the smell was divine! ❤

Re: Best body creams/body butters

Nailing It

I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve heard great things about Sol de Janeiro’s products. Might be a bit pricey though. Supposedly smells incredible too.

Re: Best body creams/body butters

Nailing It

I use the Estee Lauder Perfumed Body Lotion

Re: Best body creams/body butters

Total Glossip

I quite like the jo Malone ones because the scent lasts all day and it makes your clothes smell so good a bit pricey at £52 but totally worth it because they last ages a little goes a long way

Re: Best body creams/body butters

Getting Lippy

I love the Laura Mercia and Kiehls body butters but I really recommend Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Yogurt (Vanilla & Oats) as a cheaper alternative. 

It sinks into the skin really quickly and leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated. Plus it smells amazing! Smiley Happy

Re: Best body creams/body butters

Just Arrived

Kiehls body oil is really good and affordable