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Any recommendations for a new hairdryer?

Beauty Crush

Hi guys I feel like my current hairdryer as about to cut out on my (it’s only a cheap one from Tesco I am looking for one which has a cool Blast button so I can set my hair before I hairspray. I do not want to spend the same amount of money on the dyson one because it is too expensive and it also needs to be powerful as well 


Re: Any recommendations for a new hairdryer?

Beauty Icon

Sorry I can't help you, I have a random branded one that I don't use as I tend to air dry. Hope someone else can help! Smiley Happy

Re: Any recommendations for a new hairdryer?

Beauty Icon

I use this one it’s pretty cheap and fairly good it has a cool button and also give hair a nice shine it’s currenlt reduced to £36.66 x



Re: Any recommendations for a new hairdryer?

Getting Lippy

I had an amazing Remmingtons hairdryer that lasted for 11 years but then gave up the ghost in spectacular style. Got an offer on a Lee Stafford one, its good but not as powerful. Boots tend to do some great offers on dryers or Argos, I find the ones that are 2000 power and above brilliant.

Re: Any recommendations for a new hairdryer?

All Eyes on Me

i have had my hairdryer for around 10+ years and it is a tresemme/philips brand but unfortunately the company parted ways with each other and now they only make hairdryers separately so when mine eventually decides to stop I will be in the same boat.

I recently bought a revlon air styler brush that dries and brushes at the same time but that takes longer and is noisier than my hairdryer so don't think I will get another of those.

will probably get another tresemme as they are often on offer and sometimes come with a free heat protection spray.


Re: Any recommendations for a new hairdryer?

Getting Lippy

I have a babyliss hairdryer and it’s great has a cold blast setting and drys hair in minutes and not to expensive either I even bought my daughter the same one because she loved using mine so much