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Advice for 40somethings for looking younger

Just Arrived

Want to cover the grey hair's, but I have not ginger but darker/more red, and I have never tried as i'm nervous about it looking unnatural (like some snide cheap wig that you can buy in Blackpool sea front) please help



Re: Advice for 40somethings for looking younger

Getting Lippy

Are you referring to dyeing your hair?

Re: Advice for 40somethings for looking younger

Total Glossip

I would get it done at the hairdressers if it your first time dying your hair. Remember you are stuck with it for a wee while.

Re: Advice for 40somethings for looking younger

Beauty Icon

@kerry-cat I have darker red/auburn coloured hairnaturally, and I dye mine either a more vivid shade of red, a burgundy shade or sometimes a dark brown/black.  I use the John Frieda Precision Foam hair dyes as they are so simple to use, and I was a total novice when it comes to dying my own hair, I'd never done it before and didn't have a clue...but it was easy enough to just whack it on...technical term there! 😂


I used to to go to the hairdressers, but got sick of spending £50 plus when I can buy a pack of that for less than a fiver.  


I dont really have any grey, so I don't use it to cover that as such, I just prefer the colours to my natural colour.  If I've had say one or two random grey hairs, it's covered them ok, and I'm sure it would be fine on hair with a higher percentage of grey too.  

Re: Advice for 40somethings for looking younger


I would suggest either getting it done at a salon, they can advise you about colour choices and anything else you may have questions about. If you want to save your money, I’d suggest looking for a dye with a colour similar to your own, but a bit darker. That should ensure your greys are taken care of but still look fairly natural, just a bit fresher.

Re: Advice for 40somethings for looking younger


@kerry-cat I started dyeing my hair 2 years ago and I went to the salon. Prices can be steep but it's worth the consultation and to discuss the options. I don't have many grey hair yet but in between salon visits I just use root touch up hair dye to conceal the Grey's. One box lasts me 2 goes and I only go to the salon twice a year to get my hair coloured. This works for me but I expect I will have to go more once the grey hair take over.