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Christmas gift wrapping

Getting Lippy

I would love to see everyone's Christmas gift wrapping for some inspiration. There is currently a competition on the beauty club community, I have entered if you would like to see mine. I love adding bows and ribbon.  Be sure to enter too! xxx


Re: Christmas gift wrapping

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I've added mine too. I can't see yours yet though, it will probably show soon Smiley Happy

I love wrapping and unwrapping presents equally 😆.  I have to admit I love all the ribbons and bows and sparkles but try to keep my wrapping minimal as waste gets way out of hand around Christmas. I often reuse paper from last year too if it is intact enough 🎅🎁🎄.

I found this very nice pack of Santa stickers in The Works, it was really cheap and works perfect for labelling all the presents under the tree, and using stickers makes me go back to being a kid and enjoy present wrapping this little bit more lol Smiley Very Happy.

Re: Christmas gift wrapping

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Been trying to add mine but wouldnt allow all 3 together for some reason!