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Nailing It

Hi everyone,


My Mum has requested a candle for Christmas, does anyone have any recommendations? She's not really fussy when it comes to scent, as long as you cant actually smell it when its burning lol. I don't really have a budget so any suggestions would be helpful. 


Thanks in advance xxx


Re: Candles

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The Woodwick candles are really nice, the smell is definitely there and you have the added benefit of the wood burning sound. I absolutely love these! 

There's also candles with jewelry inside that shows up at a certain point of the candle melting,  I think you can choose whether you want a ring or earrings.  I can't recommend a brand but I've seen them around and I think it sounds like an awesome gift.

I've seen quite a few perfume gift sets that include candles,  you could see if her favorite perfumes come in such sets. ☺

Another idea is you could get her a lovely candle holder and loads of those small round different scented candles. That's what I do for myself and I always use IKEA candles,  they are cheap and smell great! 

Re: Candles

Living the Highlight

Guerlain Winter Delice’ Candle looks amazing, you can purchase from Debenhams but I can’t seem to tag it lol. Armani also have some lovely ones x


Re: Candles

Getting Lippy

Yankee Candles are lovely and have a lot of nice gift sets in the run up to Xmas plus they have a new range out which look gorgeous x

Re: Candles


Cult Beauty sell SO many different candles with lots of different scents and in a variety of really nice pots and containers.

Re: Candles

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My favourite candles are Village Candles.  They look like Yankee Candles, but are a lot cheaper, and have a lot more scent (they don't lose it half way down like Yankee can do!).


I also like the Woodwick ones, strong throw on them, and the wick is a novelty! 

Re: Candles

Just Arrived

Yankee candles are my favourite ❤

Re: Candles

Winging It

I love White Company candles!  They can be a bit pricey but the scents are all beautiful and they look really classic.

Re: Candles

Fresh Face

Jo malone candles, are gorgeous and luxurious a bit pricey but they last a while, I have heard that aldi do dupes but I haven't tried them.

Re: Candles

Beauty Crush

my mum loves candles, she always makes me buy her one or two every ocasion. Her favourite are Yankee Candles, they smell divine and have loads of different scents xx