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***CLOSED***NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

Community Manager
Community Manager

NEW ON YOU – Benefit Hello Happy foundation 


Introducing to you a brand new brightening, hydrating foundation from our fun friends at Benefit. The soon-to-launch foundation packs photochromic pigments, which adapt to brighten skin in any lighting! Boost skin's radiance with its flower acids, and hydrate with the bonus ingredient of hyaluronic acid. 


We've got 20 bottles of this 12-hour longwear, natural-satin finish foundation for you to test & review! 


Untitled design - 2019-06-11T093051.944.jpg


Untitled design - 2019-06-11T093131.576.jpg

If you’d like to take part, please comment below what make YOU happy, and let us know what foundation shade you would be using the chart above, and a selection of members will be chosen at random. You will then receive the product and 5 questions to answer and post on the Community for your fellow members to see.


Ends at midnight on Wednesday 12th June.


Shop all Benefit .


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 12/06/19. 20 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

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Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

High Brow

Ohhh how lovely 💕

This is a lovely opportunity @DaisyCR thank you very much! 

Shopping generally makes me happy.. especially makeup and perfumes! I'm a big fan for foundations and eyeshadows! Currently i use the YSL and lancome foundation and i would love to test another one.. as i said im a big fan of foundations! 💕

I'm a mix of shade 2.. ivory believe in me and shade 3 champagne..



So i  would go for shade 3 champagne if selected please 💕❤❤



Good luck to everyone ❤💕

Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

Nailing It

The only thing that makes me happy are my children they make me so happy I cry with happiness ! My little girl made me cry today when she told her friend I was her mummy. They fill my heart up with so much joy and they will always bring me happiness ..


if if I was lucky enough to be selected  my shade would be number 2 

Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

Beauty Icon

Spending time with my family and my two dogs makes me happy, I love traveling with my family, and playing with my two dogs in my spare time, there is no greater happiness then being with your loved ones. They are always their in your time of need. 🙂

 SHADE 3 is most likely to match my skin tone.

Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...


Family and the people around me make me happy as well as being comfortable with my own skin, that gives happiness and contentment. I believe I would be shade 4 on the chart

Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

Getting Lippy


Daisy this is such a brilliant opportunity to try out this amazing foundation.It's so easy to make me happy. Even a small effort or a gesture would make my day.Here are some of the things that make me happy.When someone makes me laugh,I would remember that at odd times and it would make me smile.
When people are nice to each other,it makes me happy.
I like surprises,so even a small rose or a chocolate would make me happy.Living my life to the fullest while being mentally,physically and emotionally fit makes me happy.
Phone calls from that special someone makes me happy.
Seeing my friends after long time makes me happy.
Eating food is one of my favourite guilty pleasure that makes me happy.
Finding a relatable meme and laughing at and sharing it with my friend makes me happy.

And I’m shade number 4 .

Thanks you .! 

Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

Beauty Icon

Thanks @DaisyCR, this is such an awesome campaign! 😱


What makes me happy is my face matching the colour of my chest, which in the summer is flippin' harder than expected 😂🖤


I believe I would be a 2 🖤

Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

Nailing It

What makes me happy is  inner peace/contentment, If I feel good within then this will obviously show on the outside as well!


I would like to try shade Champagne.

Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

All Eyes on Me

I love buying new makeup, especially eyeshadow palettes! I always get told I don’t need to buy so much but it’s something that makes me really happy 😊 my shade would be number 1 😁

Re: NEW ON YOU TESTERS WANTED! Calling all Benebabes...

Getting Lippy

Him, he makes me happy!❤️C40BFF03-A793-4BDA-80B2-E8C469DEBEE9.jpeg


I think I’d be shade 3!😃💛🤞