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Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

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Kiehls is my absolute favourite brand!  I use the Ultra Facial Lotion everyday, and it's the only moisturiser I've ever found that really and truly suits my oily (yet dehydrated) skin, and one of the only ones I've ever gone on to repurchase.  


I'd have to say my favourite Kiehls product is the #Midnight Recovery Concentrate (I cant get the link to come up on the hash agnfor some reason??) as it really is a beautiful product.  I always stayed away from products like that with havingn oily skin, as I thought it would be way too heavy and would break me out etc, but no, it sinks in beautifully with out being greasy, and not only makes your skin look good when you wake up, it also helps me to drop off to sleep because of the lavender scent!  


Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

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Hi @TazK , 

My favorite Kiehl product is midnight oil recovery concentrate because it keeps my skin hydrated.

I would love to have a chance to win this. xx

Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

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Thank you @TazK  for giving us this opportunity ❤️


My Favourite Kiehls product is the RARE EARTH DEEP PORE CLEANSING MASQUE


it’s something I use once a week it keeps my skin soft, and bright and really helps my skin feel healthy I travel often and the car, train and flights leave my skin dry and feeling dull, this is a perfect item I pack for when I’m going away.


Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

Winging It

For me it has to be Kiehl's #eyetreatmentwithavocado It hides dark circles and makes you feel more 'wide-eyed'.

Jackie x
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Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

Fresh Face

Wow I absolutely love Kiehls!! I can’t decide my top favourite product - either the #MidnightRecoveryConcentrateFacialOil or #PowerfulStrengthLineReducingConcentrate 😍 I’d love to try some of their moisturisers, it all looks amazing! 

Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

Getting Lippy

#My favourite Kiehls product is their Ultra Moisturising cream.  I tried a sample over Christmas and now I'm hooked. Love the texture and way it makes my skin feel,  

Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

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Ahh! what an opportunity @TazK, my favourite new Kiehl's product has to be the Love Oil For Lips - Midnight Orchid Glow-Infusing Lip Treatment 9Ml - Kiehls I've been loving it since it's launch! It feels so hydrating for my lips and smells gorgeous and I love the hint of colour it gives as well when you apply it! It's helped my lipstick to apply much more smoother and no longer fill my cracked lips! xx

Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

Fresh Face

I’m obsessed with all of their products and religiously follow a 9 step nightly routine with only Kiehl’s products but I’d say my favourite is Centella Sensitive facial cleanser because I had red, dry skin that was upsetting me and this cleared it up overnight!!! �🙌

Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

Total Glossip

Favourite is kiehls clearly corrective dark spot solution ❤️ because they really works! 🌟🌟

Re: WIN a Kiehls hydration hamper!

Fresh Face

Either the avocado eye cream or the magic hair elixr (: