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Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Living the Highlight

I am loving the glittery bronzed look at the moment! 💛 

I am very proud of myself for starting my own business in the UK (as a foreigner) this year that is growing so quickly I need to hire more staff! I never fancied myself as an entrepreneur, but my hard work is finally paying off 💪🏻



Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Winging It

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Winging It


I’m so proud of the way I’ve overcome so many battles with my health, try and get on with things the best I can. I’m proud of my strength and courage and determination. I’m also proud to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Getting Lippy

My kiddies make me proud 💖 So does this eye look 🙈 although not exactly 'colourful' or glittery :') xIMG_20190412_201903_066.jpgBlue Blood Palette x


Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Winging It


Pink lippy and shiny eye make up is as bold as I go with colours on my face, but my hair is a different story! Need some make up colourspiration!

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Nailing It

What makes me proud is my 9 year old son, who despite others nasty comments and opinions still chooses his own mind and path. He is an inspiration to me as his mother, and to other young children not to conform with society and be who you are. These photos are from last nights vip after party at my local debenhams store who might I add totally embraced my son wanting to get involved in all the beauty action. 











Here he is having his makeover from a lovely lady on the benefit counter who was colour matching his foundation shade and trying new daytime looks out. He loves anything colourful and out-there, glitter is a must have too so if I win he will be using these gorgeous heavy metals collection.  (As he usually takes my makeup anyway) I don’t have a photo of him with his colourful makeup as he hasn’t been to a pride event yet but I cannot wait to take him and to embrace all the beauty people hold within. Good luck everyone.  #benefitrollerlash Roller Lash Stash Curling Mascara Duo Set - Benefit  Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation 30Ml - Shade 05 - Benefit 

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Fresh Face

What makes me proud is my family, and the community I live in, it is so accepting her own the UK and there are wonderful brands out there like you that have such caring and kind staff and always help me out. Screenshot_20190705_203635.jpg


Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Getting Lippy

What makes me proud?

Being a part of this amazing, beautiful, creative community which welcomes people of all genders and all sexualities.


P.S Haven’t done a proper glittery eye look so far but here is an old colourful favourite look of mine 💖🌈





Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Total Glossip

I love this glittery eye make up look and tried to recreate it - how successfully I’m not sure! So many things make me proud but none more so than my 2 children - especially in the last few weeks, I have been extremely ill in hospital and going through all sorts of treatment and they have been so strong and brave, they are amazing kids.  Pride to me also means being happy and proud of who you are regardless of any adversity you’ve been through - being comfortable with you and being content and happy with all that you have. Realising only you can define you, no one else, and only you have power to make yourself happy. Also surrounding yourself with people that raise you up and make you feel good is so important - good friends and family that support you but you also look out for - pride is never giving up and always finding a way through because we only have one life and deserve to live it to the full! #Pride 🌈🎉💪🏼💖





Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍


My 4 year old grandaughter Orla Louise seen here in the picture with a face full of metallic make up lol she makes me feel proud.....shes so confident & bossy its so funny.

She adores make up to proper girly.Screenshot_2017-08-07-22-31-20.png