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**CLOSED** WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone!


With London Pride just around the corner, we've partnered up with Urban Decay to offer you the chance to win the full collection of Heavy Metal Glitter Gel's (which are exclusive to us) as well as all of the Heavy Metal Glitter Liner's & '24/7' Glide-On Eye Pencil's 🙌 


To enter all you need to do is:


  1. Tell us what makes you proud!
  2. Attach a photo with your fave colorful/glittery makeup look ✨ 


Good luck everyone! 🌈 


T&Cs apply. Competition closes at midnight on Saturday 6th July 2019. One winner will be selected at random and notified by private message. Prize in non-refundable and non-exchangeable. There is no cash alternative. 


Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍




Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

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Theres no time for politeness! Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie! (Ok, theres always time for politeness!... Please! 😂🖤)


I'm proud of stepping out of my comfort zone and coming to the DebenhamsBCCA19, and as a result having met some amazing people, who I'm privileged to now be able to call my friends 🖤🖤🖤20190702_111748.jpg

Changed my mind on the picture 😂

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Getting Lippy

What makes me Proud is my 4 amazing children. They all support Pride and LGBTQ and have friends that are LGBTQ and support them all the way. They do what makes them happy and as long as my children are happy then I’m a happy mum. My husband makes me proud also as he will always have mine and my children’s best interests at heart and he’s there for us all no matter what. 91465EE0-15AD-462F-B56C-C99DF86D7E21.jpegEC431E30-A238-4557-B84B-520F93CF8061.jpeg

C6D09597-B5C7-4F81-9B47-2D0D936B7FE7.jpegE376052E-2559-4A45-AD75-2756438A78DE.jpegFE567A90-F6AC-41C5-AD6B-BE0E0C61C272.jpegMe and my beautiful daughter2DD92F4E-218D-4F56-B720-5015DDE854FE.jpeg

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Winging It



I’m proud of all the badass females that are changing the world right now. They inspire me so much, and I hope to be one of them too. 


My look here was with my own glitter and gems bought from Gypsy Shrine, eyeshadow with Naked Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay  eyebrows with Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit 4.35G - 05 Deep - Benefit

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

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@TazK  thanks you for an other great fab opportunity goodluck to all our fab regulars🍀🖤


What makes me happy is looking back on life & seeing the progress of changing my life into a better safer environment, &now able to look back &think Gaal you did it🖤 from a 7year domestic abuse survivor from fractured skull the list goes on to now working and helping other women/mean whom are currently living through this situation🙏🖤🖤 & on a lighter note of course my cheeky chop daughter el💜 & EVERYTHING beauty related gives me joy💃



goodluck guys!  🤞🍀

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Living the Highlight

Wow 😍😍😍😍 first off all I need these - pretty please with a cherry on top 🤣


What gives me pride is that we live in a world where small minded people are in the minority. Everyone is equal regardless of race, beliefs, sexuality, gender, wealth and mental health. I'm trying to raise my son that people shouldn't be put into categories based on any of the above and it seems like more and more people are doing the same 💛💙🧡🌈





Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

Going Pro

IMG_20190418_231349.jpgLoud and proud!

I'm proud of the fact that I am a strong and outspoken, I follow my heart not any herd or fashion. I'm proud that I never shy away from helping others or fighting injustices. I'm proud I am me without any restrictions ❤️💪 xoxo

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍

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@TazK What makes me proud is looking after my 2 small babies while doing what i love doing (MAKEUP) i always an around the kids but still am able to live my dreams 💖


Heres my glitter look ✨✨✨✨

Re: WIN the full Heavy Metals Glitter Collection! 😍


what makes me proud is seeing family succeed. i'm attending my brother's graduation next week and i couldn't be more proud of him.IMG_20190524_182512.jpg